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Running Mates at the Hippodrome

“Running Mates” at the Hippodrome Theatre is a delightful and light hearted look at contemporary politics. The incumbent mayor of a small town in Georgia is secretly recorded and his words are blasted on social media featuring his misogynistic rant at a men’s club. Once his wife hears what he truly thinks about women every feminist nerve in her body wants to put her husband in his place. What better way than to run against him in the upcoming election. The ensuing comedy is a funny battle of the sexes featuring the two candidates and their wacky campaign managers. Throw in a couple of young idealists and you have all the ingredients for a wonderfully comic political stew.

As usual, the Hippodrome cast under the skillful direction of Stephanie Lynge is terrific. The leading candidates played by Joy Lynn Jacobs and Matthew Lindsay are ‘stormy’ adversaries in this amusing sparring match. The supporting campaign managers played by Michelle Bellaver and Nicholas Perez-Hoop are a hoot to watch. The young idealists round out the cast. Andre Squerra as the yoga instructor is an audience favorite. Maggie Cramer brings stability and common sense to the role of the candidates’ daughter.

The production and technical values for “Running Mates” are delivered with artistry. Special recognition must go to Timothy J. Dygert’s handsome set that is the perfect backdrop and environment for this comedy. His attention to detail is meticulous.

Performances of “Running Mates” run through October 30. Tickets can be purchased at or by calling (352) 375-4477.

Kevin Marshall for "Gainesville Theatre Review"

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