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“Honky Tonk Laundry” opens at The Hipp

"Honky Tonk Laundry" Opens at Hipp

The temperature is rising. The long hot summer in Gainesville is here and the hurricane season is off to an early start. So it must be time for the Hippodrome Theatre’s annual summer fun musical. “Honky Tonk Laundry” doesn’t disappoint especially if you are a fan of country music. The audience is transported to the Wishy Washy Washateria in rural Tennessee. We are first introduced to the laundry’s owner and boss Lana Mae, who is a wealth of southern witticisms and shares countless idioms during the two-hour production for every conceivable situation the two cast members encounter. She is a non-stop fountain of funny comebacks throughout the evening. Katie enters our scene as a new employee who has a lot to learn about doing laundry and also needs Lana Mae’s help with everyday life lessons. “Honky Tonk Laundry” is a fun filled evening of southern comfort complete with legal drugs, alcohol, and country music. Our characters each have their own cheating man problems and unfulfilled dreams that are shared individually and together in song. Each actor in this dynamic duo is given the opportunity to vocally shine. Together their duets excel and showcase choreographer Stephanie Lynge’s fine steps and movement. Director Tara Kromer keeps the musical moving along at a quick pace and gave each performer individual moments to take charge musically. Allie Seibold as Katie wows us with her renditions of “Independence Day,” “Before He Cheats,” and “Cleopatra, Queen of Denial.” Emily King Brown soars with the country classics “Stand by Your Man” and “These Boots Were Made for Walking.” The duets are both more than a little country and entertaining. Our two female leads are like Thelma and Louise “without the murder.” Many in the audience showed their involvement and appreciation with heads bobbing and toes tapping all night long.

Tim Dygert’s scenery for the washateria that is past its prime is spot on. Robert P. Robbins vibrant lighting is dynamic especially when the wall of washers and dryers bounce for a lively light show. Erin Jester’s costumes are a hoot.

Summer performances of “Honky Tonk Laundry” are running now. Tickets can be purchased at or by calling (352) 375-4477.

Kevin Marshall for “Gainesville Theatre Review”

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