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The Hipp’s “The Revolutionists”

The Hippodrome Theatre’s “The Revolutionists” is a Fascinating and Thoroughly Enjoyable Comedy.

Lauren Gunderson has written a fascinating and compelling comedy about four women who are in their own right revolutionaries during the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror. This doesn’t sound like comedy material especially with the threat of the guillotine literally hanging over their heads. However, Gunderson has created a humorous evening with four amazingly interesting women who are as relevant today as they were a couple of hundred years ago. Once again, Hipp Artistic Director Stephanie Lynge has assembled an outstanding cast proving that The Hippodrome is first an Actors’ Theatre that brings to Gainesville again and again professional actors of the finest degree.

The cast as a whole is magnificent and as individuals they are terrific. Laura Hodos as playwright Olympe de Gouges is wonderful as the ring master of this comic spectacle. She playfully keeps the cast on their toes while handily commanding their utmost respect. Marissa Toogood is so very good as the young assassin Charlotte Corday. She captures the young Corday’s zeal with determination and flair. Danea C. Osseni is captivating as Marianne Angelle, the powerful free black woman revolutionary from Saint-Domingue, present day Haiti. Osseni portrays Marianne with skillful clarity and depth. Her performance is both insightful and riveting. This leaves us with Elise Hudson as Marie Antoinette. Hudson shines as the Queen. There is a sparkle here that is mesmerizing with this Marie Antoinette. Elise Hudson’s facial expressions are irresistible, alluring, and beckon to the audience. This Queen entices the audience and she holds us enthralled.

“The Revolutionists” invites us into the theatre for an evening of theatrical delights. The gorgeous set designed by Mihai Ciupe, the evocative and moody lighting by Robert P. Robins, and the fashionable costumes with traditional style by Erin Lester all add up to a feast for the senses.

“The Revolutionists”” performances run now through May 15th. Tickets can be purchased at or by calling (352) 375-4477.

Kevin Marshall for Gainesville Theatre Review

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